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Week starting Mar 06, 2011

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Jan 10, 2011



Goal Type:

Boston Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:

~~Longest Ultra: Bighorn Trail Run: 12:19:00, 52 miles, Bighorn Mountains, WY, June 20, 2015

50K: Bighorn Trail Run: 5:52:13, 32 miles, Bighorn Mountains, WY, June 15, 2013

Marathon: 3:25:01, Deseret News Marathon, SLC, UT, July 24, 2013

Half-Marathon: 1:37:00 (downhill), Deseret News Marathon Split, SLC, UT, July 24, 2013

10K: 44:07, Big Sky State Games, Billings, MT, July 2012

5K: 20:25, Big Sky State Games, Billings, MT, July 2013

Short-Term Running Goals:

Get back into running shape.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Not get super fat, and qualify for Boston before I'm 50 (April 2023).


Started running seriously in March 2010. Married 22 years to a hot momma and we have 3 boys, 1 sweet girl, 2 dogs, 3 2 0 1 cat, and 6     4 5 6 3 5 3 1 2 0 chickens (until Spring 2019 when we'll start over). As of September 2018 I'm looking for work... yay. I'm on the local School Board.

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 25.75 Year: 923.85
Cascadia 10 Lifetime Miles: 438.72
Cascadia 10 Pt2 Lifetime Miles: 442.75
Brooks Adrenaline 15 Pt2 Lifetime Miles: 387.02
Cascadia 11 Lifetime Miles: 538.47
Adrenaline 16 Lifetime Miles: 361.80
Adrenaline 17 Lifetime Miles: 392.03
Adrenaline 18 Lifetime Miles: 404.99
Cascadia 12 Lifetime Miles: 368.50
Total Distance
Red Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 Miles: 22.81
Weight: 173.00
Total Distance

Had a nice slow & easy run outside in 15 degrees with no wind and only a skiff of snow in some places. Ended with some squats to strengthen the adductors, 1:00 bicycles, 1:00 plank.

AP:8:44. Avg HR: 147, Max HR: 164.

Red Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 Miles: 4.24
Weight: 173.00
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Nice easy run today. AP approx 8:20. Left my HR monitor at home and my watch doesn't record anything without the monitor.

So excited though! Just now got my Garmin 305 in the mail. It's charging now - can't wait to use it on my next run. I've been looking forward to a GPS watch for a long time, plus a watch with any sort of features like a stop watch, lap timer, etc. My current watch is just a HR monitor and a timer.

Red Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 Miles: 2.76
Weight: 0.00
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Boot Camp today. A great cardio workout plus hit lots of muscle groups - squats, shoulders, bench press, triceps.

Still trying to figure out why my inner soleus muscles on both legs are so sore. It's only been happening for the past few weeks and I don't know what would be causing it. It started with old shoes but is still going on with new shoes. My right calf muscle is sore also after long runs. It's not debilitating but is concerning. Hoping it will go away, but might need to hit a PT shop.

Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

5.13 of "mid-pace" miles. Not sure what that means, but I don't think I hit that. Did my typical 5 mile loop and about 2.5 miles two other runners came from a different direction and we ran side by side for a few seconds. They ended up going ahead of me by 20 feet and that motivated me to run a bit faster than I normally would have. Really enjoyed my new Garmin watch and see my pace continually evolve. When I got to the high school track I realized I would be short of 5 miles so I did 2 laps on the track then headed in.

Cooled down, stretched, 1:15 bicycle, 1:15 plank, 20 pushups. AP 8:19; Avg HR 151; Max HR 167

Inner soleus is sore to the touch on both legs when I press on the bone a couple inches above my ankle bone. It's been like this for a while. Will probably skip my Saturday long run of 15.5 to see if a long weekend of ibuprofen, icing, heat, etc. will help things.

Red Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 Miles: 5.13
Weight: 0.00
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Fridays is always my day off from running but I normally do nothing on Fridays. I think that might change. I had a great workout today - feel great. Got warm with 10 minutes on the bike while watching Conference tournaments on ESPN - great games. Then did my traditional PT exercises - 3X12 squats & 3X8 shoulders with 12 lb dumbells, did 3X12 curls with 20 lb dumbells, and 3X20 tricep extensions with 15 lbs. Added in some 3X15 tricep dips, 3X8 bench press with 30 lb dumbells. Did 40 short-step lunges to isolate the quadriceps using 15 lb dumbells. Got in a nice ab workout - 3X20 toe touches with an 8 lb ball, 3X15 situps, then 3X20 side to side with an 8 lb ball. Ended with 1:30 bicycle, 1:00 plank, and 10 pushups. Tried to do longer plank and more pushups but the other upper body zapped me.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to a Jeff Galloway seminar. He's in town and I get to spend 3 hours with him and 23 others who've paid for the privilege. I've never read his books but very aware of him and looking forward to learning what he has to say.

Weight: 0.00
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Jeff Galloway was in town this weekend and I attended his seminar Saturday morning. I ran 7.67 before the seminar, then ran 3 with Jeff and a group of other people. For the 3 we ran 30 seconds on, then walked 30 seconds. It was really weird.

The seminar was great - he is a very knowledgeable guy. I haven't read any of his books but I plan on it as his methods are worth a shot. It makes sense and he's got lots of data to back it up so it's worth trying to see if I can run injury free. I'm not ready to make the plunge just yet. He did give me some advice on my current injuries and says my inner calf muscle isn't a muscle - it's shin splints and they frequently happen where I'm having the pain. He thinks I've upped my mileage too quickly and/or running too fast, both which could apply to me. The foot thing he says not to worry about as it doesn't hurt when I run and seems to be getting better.

By the way, hitting it hard with ibuprofen made the shin splints feel much better. I don't know much about shin splints but understand they're tough to get over. As these aren't killing me I'm going to keep moving and hope they go away. If they don't get better I'll figure out this wasn't a great strategy.

AP for the 7.6 miles = 8:45; AHR 147; MHR 159

AP for the 3 miles = 12:17; AHR 119; MHR 137

Red Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 Miles: 10.68
Weight: 0.00
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Total Distance
Red Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 Miles: 22.81
Weight: 173.00
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